A Glimpse Of Happiness

Raffaël Enault
FRA 2021

The paths of two opposites cross and transform the trajectory of each others’ destinies in this wickedly subversive delightful debut. Ben is a shy, depressed and suicidal young man who struggles to find happiness in his life. Jean-Pierre is a charismatic erudite and retired butcher who, since a recent diagnosis with cancer, has become a selective serial killer known as »The Butcher of Minorities«. Ben has failed at 17 suicide attempts. Jean-Pierre has succeeded at 108 murders. Upon his return home from the hospital after his most recent failure to end his life, Ben comes face to face with the infamous killer who has targeted him as a homosexual. As Jean-Pierre proudly sharpens his butcher’s tools in front of his next assured victim, Ben is euphoric as death is finally near. Or is it? Ben is not gay, as Jean-Pierre had assumed. And that’s a deal breaker for the philosophical slaughterer. But Ben is convinced the butcher is his last hope, and begs to at least let him join along as his apprentice on a killing spree driven by paradoxical moral concepts. Written and lensed by Raffaël Enault, laughter and drama coexist seamlessly in this masterful black comedy about the absurdity of racism.


»Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.«  

Mark Twain

Juliette Husson
Hugo Poisson
Raffaël Enault
Fabien Caleyre , Georges d’Audignon , Caroline Loeb , Yacine Maguemoun , Marie-Claire Arène , Cédric Ingard , Enzo Rubi , Guillaume Cuenot
52 min, OmeU
Plakat A Glimpse Of Happiness