Angel Express / Director's Cut

RP Kahl
GER 1998/2011

»A provocative and polarizing mosaic of images, composed from a manifest, anarchic desire for style by a young rebel from the Berlin underground.«

Frankfurter Rundschau


»Kahl has a nervous energy that is not easily imitated in German cinema.«

Süddeutsche Zeitung


Berlin at the end of the millennium. Techno beats set the rhythm, a handful of people meet and lose themselves again in a night that fatefully connects them all but leads no one to their destination. The prostitute, the policeman, the photographer, the model, and the eccentric - they all glide as urban singles from club to club through the night, searching for the ultimate thrill that can change or destroy everything. A gun passed from hand to hand imposes a dangerous ultimatum on this way of life, intertwining the characters and their stories into a modern dance in this symphony of a metropolis. At the end of the night, a shot is fired, which will feel like deliverance. With images that linger long in the mind, a furious montage, and a breathtaking soundtrack, director RP Kahl crafts the real vision of an eerie yet beautiful world as it was encountered in Berlin at the end of the last millennium.

RP Kahl , Luggi Waldleitner , Torsten Neumann
Sönke Hansen
Silke Botsch , Matz Müller
RP Kahl
Chris Hohenester , Wilfried Hochholdinger , Ulrike Panse , Rolf Peter Kahl
76 min, OmeU
Plakat Angel Express / Director's Cut