Are We Not Cats

Xander Robin
USA 2016
»Promising and uncompromising in roughly equal measure… there’s more than enough cinematic chutzpah on display here, to confirm the Floridian writer-directoras a name to watch.«
The Hollywood Reporter


»A shimmering pearl of underground cinema, carried by two wonderfully vulnerable actors, a pulsating soundtrack, and a visual richness oscillating between low-life melancholy and intoxicating retro-punk.«


Repulsively beautiful, colorfully dark, and undeniably captivating. Xander Robin’s genre-defying feature debut flings the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. A dazzling gem of underground cinema, lovingly balanced by two beautifully vulnerable actors, a pulsing musical soundtrack and a gritty raw ambient created through the unflinching lens of Matt Clegg’s crisp cinematography. After losing his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment, all in a single day, Eliezer attempts to restart his life as a truck driver. However, quickly he is diverted from his plans when he meets the troubled and eccentric young woman Anya. They are drawn together by a most bizarre and compulsive habit they both share - an inclination to pull and eat hair. Like hair, this unique offbeat love story is definitely not easy to digest. But it delivers so much warmth and empathy through its incredibly intense leads that even the resemblance of Cronenberg’s body horror creates moments of pure love.


»The first fact of human existence is the human body. If you get away from physical reality, you're fudging, in fantasy land, not coming to grips with what violence does.«
David Cronenberg
Thelonious Brooks , Joshua Sobel , Xander Robin
Matt Clegg
Dustin Waldman
Xander Robin
Michael Patrick Nicholson , Chelsea LJ Lopez , Michael Godere
77 min, OV
Plakat Are We Not Cats