Black Jade

Guy Longstreet
USA 2020

»If one is looking for a modern film noir, then rest assured, the search is over.«

Film Threat


If Raymond had been a character in his own novel, he would be the »unreliable narrator«. But his own novel is just a blank sheet of paper. Every day, he pulls it into the typewriter, types a few words, pulls it out, and throws it away. Full of ambitions, he came to LA with his wife Dorothy. Now he is sitting in the apartment while Dorothy turns more and more into a career woman packed with ambition. The gap between the two widens every day; suspicion and jealousy are the only things that can fuel Raymond's imagination. He becomes the unreliable narrator in his own life, and perception becomes a permanent threat. Until Dorothy gets a surprise visit from her twin sister. She is everything Dorothy is lacking. The perfect plan grows. He has to get rid of Dorothy and exchange her for her sister. But whose plan is it - and how is Raymond supposed to know that? A visual maelstrom, so beautiful, so intoxicating, and so unreliable in distinguishing between madness and reality. In the end, a jogger runs along in front of Raymond's balcony, who might be the key to everything. Not for Raymond, though, as he either has completely lost his mind or he became a victim in the most diabolical intrigue that even a Raymond Chandler could not have worked out better. But Raymond's sheet of paper in the typewriter stays white.


»Black Jade is about constructs. A blank page. A void space. An apartment. A relationship. A place where America’s highest ideals and deepest terrors intertwine.«

Guy Longstreet

Guy Longstreet
Samuel Ott
Dickson Porter
Guy Longstreet
Sasha Grant , Gareth Koorzen , Odell Mack
104 min, OV
Plakat Black Jade