Michal Samir
CZ 2014

One spectacular night. Shot in a single spectacular shot. A clock on the wall of a hipster's wine bar reads 10:00 pm – and a night out on the town begins. Inside the bar, a romantic poet, Egan, performs a reading of his latest play. At a nearby table, a young woman struggling to break up with her partner is consoled by her pals. Local dealer, Jiří, enters – full of bravado with a backpack full of drugs. From drama in the bar to an old crowd reveling in the pub across the street, from the apartment of a worried mother to a tram ride with a hooded figure and to a drunken father weaving home on his bike- a single camera shot captures and follows characters in their own worlds as sounds of sirens grow louder. And when a violent street riot erupts, the lives of all intertwine. Anarchy – the ticket for Jiří to host a drug-fueled rage into the dawn, as a poet returns home, unheard. But with this feature debut, an astounding new voice in cinema has been announced.

Matej Chlupácek
Martin Žiaran
Michael Samir
Jiří Kocman , Ondrej Maly , Hana Vagnerova , Michael Sieczkowski
89 min, OmeU
Plakat Hany