Hey Bunny

Barnaby Metschurat & Lavina Wilson
GER 2016

»A completely crazy movie – crazy in a positive sense.«



»A wild comedy that's hard to classify, sitting somewhere between romantic comedy and absurd theater. A hybrid creation that comes from the heart. And rabbits are involved too.«



Lewis Carroll chose a white rabbit to tempt Alice into journeying into adulthood. And that's why these cuddly creatures in »Hey Bunny« are harbingers of failure for a team of scientists, tasked with revealing the secret behind the so-called feel-good hormone. Barnaby Metschurat and Lavinia Wilson's wonderfully loopy directorial debut tells the story of misanthropic ex-hacker Anton, who is suspected of sabotaging a laboratory. And when a dozen overly happy rabbits break out and find their freedom, chaos once again rules, screwball style. A delightfully outlandish group of people now tries to find happiness and rabbits. One is reminded of Howard Hawks' »Bringing Up Baby«, whose creator declared, after the commercial failure of his film, that it was a mistake to make a movie without a single sane person in it. It’s a good thing that there are filmmakers like Metschurat and Wilson, who simply ignore the advice of old masters. Without trespasses like this, cinema would be boring as hell.

Barnaby Metschurat , Lavinia Wilson
Raphael Beinder
Barnaby Metschurat
Barnaby Metschurat , Lavinia Wilson , Harald Schrott
89 min, OmeU
Plakat Hey Bunny