Dušan Milić
SRB 2014

»Nikola Rakocevic is hypnotic in the almost dialogue-free role, conveying a wild magnetism of his eyes as reality slips away in favour of the frenetic online realm of 'shoot 'em up' violence.«

Wild Rooster


»Blade Runner« meets »Taxi Driver« in Dušan Milić breathtaking film about 19-year-old Slav, who lives with his mother as one of the few remaining inhabitants in a refugee camp on the outskirts of Belgrade. The only escape from the desolate reality is playing ego-shooter games with his friends. Slav’s virtuosity in the art of virtual killing puts him on the radar of the Serbian Mob. They hire him to eliminate a Serbian war profiteer who is hiding away in Las Vegas and is guarded by a witness protection programme. Writer-director Dušan Milić brilliantly turns a seemingly simple story into a daring and captivating film, taking audiences along with its main character on a trip that oscillates between the tough reality of a Serbian refugee camp and the hyper-reality of a dreamlike Las Vegas. Rarely has the dissolution of reality been brought to screen more visionary and visually intoxicating. And not since De Niro’s Travis Bickle has a screen character moved in such an inevitable way towards redemption like Racojevic as Slav. A film to remember.

Dušan Milić , Snezana Penev
Petar Popović
Lazar Predojev , Milena Predić
Dušan Milić
Nikola Rakocevic , Boris Isakovic , Khetanya Henderson
97 min, OmeU
Plakat Travelator