Pouya Eshtehardi
IRN 2020

»One can tell that Eshtehardi is also a musician and novelist, as the film is artistic and quasi-theatrical in its craft, offering an aesthetic companion to an intrinsically sad story.«

Berlin Art


High upon a cliff, on a watchtower overlooking the Gulf of Oman, Hamin, a young Iranian soldier, waits to be relieved. He desperately wants to attend his sister Mahin's wedding, but when a petty officer denies his request one time too many, he accidentally kills him. Now, there is no way out. After their mother's suicide, their father – a smuggler – disappeared into Pakistan. Hamin and Mahin had to face life on their own, with their traumatic childhood drawing a harsh blueprint for them that is just as inevitable as the backward traditions of their remote border area. With incredible poetry, director Pouya Eshtehardi paints an unusual picture of rural Iran that is far from the big city bustle that usually dominates films from that region. The sparse landscape and cragged mountain ranges are like inner landscapes of the soul that the characters will lose themselves in. A visually powerful, epic masterpiece about the frailty of a young life.

Mohammad Sajadian
Reza Hemasi
Pouya Eshtehardi
Pouya Eshtehardi
Iman Afshar , Shayan Afshar , Mahsa Narouyi , Awa Azarpira
78 min, OmeU
Plakat Untimely